Saturday, November 30, 2013



I enjoyed reading this book over the holiday break because it was easy to go through, and made me think about the context of the book and the lovely message it contained even after I had finished turning the pages.

The plot and the characters overlap each other so seamlessly that it just seems like one loooong chapter. Do not get me wrong, sometimes this can be a bad thing (most of the time actually) but I felt that with this book it just really clicked and made you appreciate the story more. The setting descriptions, and the way all of the religions/people where described and portrayed was very nicely done, and also transported me into the book, and made me feel I was part of the story.

The characters in this story where AMAZING I loved how we got to see them develop from the beginning to the end, and I might even have to stay that Jebel's transformation may be the most I have seen a character change for the better in a single book in a long time.

The ending of this book was pretty awesome too, and I really loved how Jebel finally realized what love truly was and who actually cared for him.
This book also has a lot of underlying messages about faith, religion, and about self acceptance, and courage that where very interesting and that will stay with you, and maybe s=change your outlook on a few things.


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